Chelsea Stout Olson


When I first heard of Stroller Strides, I'll be honest, I thought it sounded kind of silly. Mamas paying to work out with their stroller, having play dates, and mom's night out. Well, I can honestly say that joining Fit4Mom Stroller Stride Group has been the best part partum decision I have made. I quickly found out that I needed this in my every day life. It gets me out of bed, kicks my booty into shape, and has given me the social aspect I needed! The instructors are AH-MAZE-ing. I love the intervals, the entertainment for our babies, and a good hearty workout. The Mamas that come have one kid, 3 kids, teenage kids, all different fitness goals, and I LOVE it. Because of Stroller Strides, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and the thought of losing the weight that I needed to, before I got pregnant, seems actually achievable. But, even with everything that I love about Stroller Strides, I think I love being able to show my daughter how important physical health is. Not the losing weight aspect, but having a group of women that being strong and healthy is an important part of life, and it's ok, and even necessary, to take a hour a day just for that. I have found my strength (quite literally) in mamahood, through Stroller Strides! I Love, Love, LOVE my Stroller Stride Mamas!