Chrissy Martin Dorman


I have always been a big girl but I have always also been really active. I worked out up until the day I gave birth and had planned to continue as soon as possible. Then first child life happened and between work, baby David and life all of a sudden David was turning 8 months and I had not done anything in the way of exercise. Thankfully Jennifer Rock never gave up on me and my health, she keep telling me to come to a class. The time didn’t fit into David’s schedule so I had a great excuse for a few weeks until I pushed myself to just give it a try. Mondays are always Mondays so we were running late, David pooped a messy poop upon arrival and I was more than flustered trying to get to this class of strangers and not look like an idiot. Needless to say all my fluster was for nothing, as I walked up I was welcomed by everyone and my tardiness wasn’t even acknowledged they were just happy to have me join in. It was a tough day having not worked our for months I was pushing myself more than I had in a while. Towards the end of Monday’s workout at the Aquarium there is a run/jog up to the Lexington in teams. I pushed myself hard and jogged all the way to the top in the first group as not to disappoint my partner, when I got to the top I thought I might die I couldn’t breathe and my side hurt so bad as I started to slowly walk down defeated and almost in tears as I was so disappointed in my inability to finish strong all the girls passing me were clapping and encouraging me giving me fives and that a girls. One girl specifically, Claire, who was pregnant by the way, jogged down and then instead of tagging her partner to go turned around and came back for me she said I’ll finish it up with you you can do it and by God I did we even jogged the last 20 feet. I will never forget the feeling of appreciation I felt to have that encouragement and to not only finish the task, jog the last 20 feet but to have finished the day and many many days after. Stroller Strides has been such a blessing in my life, when you are a working mom and you already spend so much time away from your amazing little love it is a true blessing to have a place to get healthy with him by your side. Since that stressful first day there has been nothing but greatness to follow, not every day is easy and if you ask I rarely make it on time or without a last minute diaper change but I know this is my village, these are the women who help make me a stronger, better version of myself and for that I will forever be grateful I dread the day when David is no longer in a stroller I may have to have another child, steal one or use a doll but I think I will forever be part of the Stroller Strides family.