Heather Loeb

Body Back Mama

I signed up for Body Back in April but I wasn't excited about it because I've never been big on group workouts. That all changed after the first week. I've never met such an encouraging group of women. It's so nice to be supported by moms just like me. I wasn't sure what I wanted out of the class but here's what I left with: confidence, strength, amazing and supportive friends. I did lost almost 10lbs and 5 inches during my 8-week program but to me, that's just a perk. What matters to me is how much stronger I became and how I have changed my family's lifestyle. My 3-year-old sees me exercising and she wants to too. That's so important to me; that I'm instilling healthy habits so early in her life and she'll never know differently.

I've also changed the way I feel about my body and definitely how I feel about food. That's not to say I don't get off track sometimes but with my support group I always get right back to being healthy. I love how strong I am. I even signed up for a 5K and after I completed that, I signed up for another race. Body Back is so much more than exercise. It's truly shown me how much true grit I have and that I should be thankful for my body that has given birth to two beautiful children. It's changed my life and I couldn't recommend the classes anymore.